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/ COVID19 / The Dinning Greenhouse

Hard times call for hard measures, or shall we say, boosted creativity? Take a look at this unique dining experience.

/ Portugal / Local Businesses

Suport local business, buy a voucher, make a take-away or a delivery service.

/ Tips & Articles / What to do from home

Never thought of what you could do at home?Netflix, Opera, Course. All that you need to entertain yourself.

/ Netherlands / Local Businesses

Suport local business by getting a gift-card, takeaway or delivery service.

/ COVID-19 / Live Status

Follow the last statistic updates and the media feeds for more information.

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Tips & Article | Video

Social distancing is the Apocalypse

It is not the apocalypse, but for some it sure does look like it sometimes. Enjoy this 10 min video in case of Apocalypse.
© Bloomberg

Lisbon | Video

The beautiful silence in Lisbon

We always try to take something positive out of a tough situation. This is one of those situation, Lisbon in a rare moment of silence.
© Câmara Municipal de Lisboa

Lisbon | Video

Shortwalk goes Lisbon

We are still new at this, so this was our first video experimentation with no video knowledge
More and better to come 🙂 © Shortwalk team


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