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Exploring and discovering is our passion

What we do


Have fun.

Here in Shortwalk we like to have fun, and why not making work a fun thing and place to be? But we are also very serious about what we do. We try to make as easiest as possible people’s lives. Shortwalk is an online platform to find and post businesses. Owners can create their listings in order to be searched and make use of their services. We want to help you finding all just a shortwalk away. Whether it is the best coffee in town, a romantic restaurant for your better half, guide you and be next to you at a click away, and all have fun doing it.

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We are a community

We are a team of friends that according to the urban legend, it all started in Portugal and Poland. We wanted to Explore, discover new places and also sometimes just get a snack a shortwalk away. All that we would find we would share with each other to keep those tips handy for the future.  So we created shortwalk in order to build a community for you and the world with the proper tools to make your day more relaxed.


Explore, discover, share.

Find new spots and share with friends, add reviews and pictures, create listings, share with the community.
Participate in contests, get rewarded. We want a community that is enthusiastic to engage and help others, but we also want you to have fun while doing it.

Be a part of the Shortwalk family.





The Capital of the most western country in Europe, Portugal. Long known for its discoveries times and being one of the most hidden gems of Europe, Lisbon is where it all started, our Ambassadors here will have a lot of fun, bringing discoveries back to this new century



Ooohhh Amsterdam, more known as the city of sins and the city that never sleeps, all the red light district buzz scene, but also the enchantment of the canals. This is where we are currently staying for a new adventure. So why not having Ambassadors to bring this city back again to the trade era.



Wroclaw, a city of battles, intrigue, conquers and filled with so much history. What Amsterdam has in canals, this city has in bridges. Our hearts were left here. Did you know that Steven Spielberg and Tom Hanks were here filming Bridge of Spies? Shortwalkers will have fun while creating new stories and changing people’s lives.



Don’t be fooled by the size of this country, this is the proof that quality is better than quantity. This country is bordered by Belgium to the west and north, Germany to the east, and France to the south. Its capital, Luxembourg City, together with Brussels and Strasbourg, is one of the three official capitals of the European Union and the seat of the European Court of Justice. Small in size, big in history, starting from the 10th Century with its Roman traces to today’s finance businesses.

More cities coming soon