All just around the corner

About Shortwalk

Exploring and discovering is our passion. sharing is our mission

Who Are We

We Are A Multi-Cultural Team Of Enthusiastic Explorers Of The World.

We were working and travelling  throughout countries and visiting every path we could take, collecting memories, pictures, writing in our journals, but then we thought, why not have a corner and share with everyone?

Mainly we are from Portugal and Poland, but we will soon grow into a multi-cultural team.

Diversity is what makes the world unique, interesting no?

Our Work

Shortwalk is an online platform to find and post businesses. Owners can create their listings in order to be searched and users make use of their services. We want to help you finding all just a shortwalk away.

Whether it is the best coffee in town, a romantic restaurant for your better half or some late shopping, we are your guide with just a click away while having fun doing it.

Standing for what we believe

Our Values

We are still discovering our DNA, but part of it we have guaranteed already

We Are a Community

We are a team of friends that according to the urban legend, it all started in Portugal and Poland. We wanted to Explore, discover new places and also sometimes get a snack just a short walk away.

In the end we would share our findings with each other to keep those tips handy for the future.

We created Shortwalk in order to build a community for you and the world, with the proper tools to make your day simple and relaxed.

Joins us, don’t be the only cool pineapple in the city.

Explore, Discover, Share…

As a shortwalker, find new spots, register them and share with friends, add reviews, pictures, create listings, and share with the community, and all getting reward for that. Be prepared for contests and giveaways, we also want to always appreciate and say thank you to you. We want a community that is enthusiastic to engage and help others, but we also want you to have fun while doing it. 

Be a part of the family…

Be a Shortwalker…

We Have Fun

Here in Shortwalk we like to have fun, and why not making work a fun thing and the office the perfect place to be? But we are also very serious about what we do. We try to make as easiest as possible people’s lives. We want you be a part of us and help us to be the biggest online community in the world.

Fair trade for fair value

In the economy values of today and trading, the world is filled with massive exhausted competition. Prices escalates, your online visibility is low. On top for of this,  businesses to be visible online and outside the world wide web they must pay very high fees. Shortwalk supplies a platform that provides services that are affordable to all businesses,  and not only that, we also offer other benefits for free that help your business get better online exposure.


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