Freshly baked in: May 5, 2020

What is it? #BestofTheWeek?

To Celebrate our start in this online adventure we decided to see all beauty out there, and what best if not via photography, but most important, photography by locals, by curious, by tourists, by mobile users, by Polaroid users, everyone that enjoys getting that magic moment captured. 

Best of the Week Photo 1 Coffee corner, Photography

How to do it?

SImple, every week you can post your best photos of Amsterdam, Lisbon, Wroclaw or Luxembourg (At the moment we only cover these cities), in our facebook page (Don’t forget to like and follow us if you don’t already).

Too Lazy; Didn't Read

Register in Website

Follow our Facebook and/or Instagram (Or both if you should choose to participate in both)

500 Walks for the #BestofTheWeek

1000 Walks extra, if Winner gives permission to post it.

500 Walks extra, if winner is new member (Valid during 1st Month of registration)

1000 Walks extra, if Winner posted both in Shortwalk Facebook page and Instagram page

You can trade later for Gift-cards and/or promotions

You can use the walks to enter exclusive giveaways

How to enter?


You need to be registered in our website in order to participate and claim the reward/points later on.


Select your best photos of some place you love, some fun stuff you found or you were just having fun. Don’t worry if you only have mobile, as long as it is a great photo, hey, chances are the same.


Post the photo in our Facebook group or Instagram page. If you haven´t followed our Facebook page or Instagram page, please do :). You can start by quickly clicking “Follow” here below.


Post the photo with hashtag #shortwalkbotw and write the location (City or Place – E.g. Restaurant).


One Photo per submission/post, they need to be submitted individually to count as individual participation.


We will then select a #BestofTheWeek photo.


General #bestofTheWeek Reward:

#Best of The Week Winner – 500 virtual Walks for winning and plus 1000 for allowing us to repost your work in Social Media feeds (You need to notify us up to 2 days winner selected, if you don’t allow it). You can be selected an unlimited amount of times but only once per week, the more photos you submit the more chances you get.

New Member Reward:

If you are a new member, during the first month of registration (30 calendar days) if your content is selected as “#Best of the week”, you will earn in addition to the General Reward, 500 extra virtual walks if your photo is selected (Only valid for the 1st month).

Facebook + Instagram Combo Reward

If you posted the photo in both Groups, you will get an additional 500 virtual Walks.

How to use the rewards?

The virtual walks can be used to redeem coupons/gift-cards at the Shortwalk partner businesses or to participate in exclusive giveaways.

You can participate and be selected an unlimited number of times.

Good Luck. Let’s have fun :).

Best of the Week Photo 2 Coffee corner, Photography

#BestofTheWeek | © Shortwalk

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