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Shortwalk is a friendly online platform that allows you to search for local places, bookmark them for later and share with your friends or the world.

Using search filters and geolocation engine, you can find what you need at any time. You can have a bite in a new place, shop for some groceries, find the best events to do during the weekend.

Shortwalk can be your best travel friend also. Bookmark your favorites places for later and even send the directions right into your pocket via SMS, isn’t that cool?

Well for many reasons but to state some, as many of us, we all like to travel and share experiences. We reached a point where it was hard to register all our memories and nice things that we saw and share properly with friends and other people interested. So we decided instead to create this platform to make an interactive community.

On top we always wanted to give opportunity to all businesses to have a chance of exposure, we met great local people and businesses that unfortunately that online exposure is very low.

Shortwalk is a growing platform with the goal of allowing all businesses to have a place in the world wide web. We look for fair trade and to make sure everyone has a chance to sell their services or products at sustainable and affordable conditions. At same time we want all users to use our services in the simplest way, all they need to run their business in one place.

We are currently in BETA mode, so we are adding content as we go online.

At the moment we are starting in Amsterdam but you can help us with other cities if you want. We want to make sure we offer good and accurate content. You can always give us a hand. We are interested at the moment in:

  • Lisbon
  • Wroclaw

But other relevant cities in these countries are also welcome.


Yes, for as long as anyone remembers Harry Potter (And we do hope this is forever!), the “Free!” plan will always be free. You have some extras though if you want to give a boost to your business. From Self-service ads, to customized ads or some extra features, just send us an email, will get you something running in no time.

Absolutely yes. We have a flat price across all plans. Our goal is to allow small and medium businesses to also have the opportunity to promote their business at a same level as big companies. We believe everyone should have a spot in the Shortwalk business world.

What can happen on top, is that, the more you buy, the more discounts and offers you are entitled to.

Besides self-service ads we offer personalized ads tailored to the business needs with higher demands or in the lookout for special campaigns. From small campaigns to highly complex targeted ads.

Business details includes information such as:

  • Opening hours
  • Contact (Mobile or phone)
  • email
  • website url
  • Location (Address)
  • Price Range/Single Price

So basic information that helps you kickstart your business.

You can use:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest*
  • Youtube*
  • Twitter*

*Please contact our support team for more info.

Yes of course, the plans can be downgraded or upgraded at anytime. Be aware that if you downgrade in middle of subscription, the effects will be applied during the next subscription renewal cycle.

A Tailor made plan is a plan created and customized to meet special requirements that a specific business might need to leverage up their game.

That depends from business to business, take a look at some examples below of what can be done:

  • Custom and targeted ads
  • Custom Campaigns
  • Booking.com button or others
  • Booking or reservation system
  • Eventbrite button or others
  • Customized gallery
  • Custom business fields

It mostly depends in the business industry, but we will always try to fit your needs into action.

Paid plans are charged as per 30 days subscription.

Enabling all the possible features  takes your business to the next level:

  • Giving you more exposure
  • More customer engagement
  • More followers
  • More leads
  • All in one place
  • And much more

All our paid plans are priced in a way that we think it is fair and affordable to all businesses. By having a paid plan, you are also supporting in maintaining this community online and supporting to Social/Charity causes.

Yes in all paid plans (Except Tailor made) you can have a 30 days trial.

For the starter plan, you can have a 30 days trial for 1€ and for the Premium plan also available a 30 days trial for 1.49€. The Tailor made plan unfortunately due to its requirements does not offer a trial plan.

Absolutely, this is not just about getting your listing published with good media, good content and SERPs.

The more you partner with us and use our services the more you will get in the long run, also you will be supporting directly to social/charity causes.

We also offer fair trade and opportunities in promoting your business whether you are a small, medium or big company. Contact us more details. We have some freebies from time to time for the best businesses.

Yes of course, we are here all the way, just contact us in our live chat, if we are not online, just leave us a message.

General user

Yes, you can use the platform as a visitor/guest and navigate without providing any personal details, but in this case you will miss-out on all the features and promos that we have. We provide occasional contests and prizes that only registered users are elegible to participate.

In Shortwalk, we use some data to provide you better services and user experience throughout the web platform. We do not store certain activity data in order to respect user’s privacy, in certain cases, sharing the data is only voluntary by the user itself or by using certain third party services available in the Shortwalk platform (E.g. Google Maps).

A Guest post is an article that a registered user can write for Shortwalk provided he passes some mandatory requirements.


Can’t wait to give the next hot tip to your friends or groups? Are you always reading about the best things to do and you feel that your content is creative and unique and can do greatness to others? A guest post you shall be then. You can write and display your Tips & articles with us for the community.

You can submit your content via email at editor[dot]shortwalk.me or contact us through our contact us form.

We all have amazing things to share and most of us always wanted to write and share to others.  We are here to help you getting that show on the road, you will help the community, but also if your articles are really good, you will be rewarded for them, who knows if you are the next famous writer on the block.

A shortwalker is a user of our platforms. The moment you register and/or login, you will enjoy many benefits by using our platform and make part of this great community.

A verified Shortwalker, is a Shortwalker with a bit more benefits that the usual registered user. It will be able to be part of exclusive groups, participate in exclusive events and have double of benefits in some cases.

Everyone can become a Shortwalker and start enjoying the benefits of this platform, but in order to become a verified one, there are some requirements to be met, Send us an email if you are interested in becoming one, naming the city that you are currently living. If you are not living in the current cities that we are covering, you can still pop us an email with your interest, there is always room for more.

Yes you can, if you are not a verified user, you need to send us a contact with the business missing and respective details.

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