Guide for a perfect listing


Creating the perfect listing

A picture is worth a thousand words...

...but a listing with pictures and thousands of words is worth much more



The title as you know, is your business name. 

Write short and simple so users read quickly

Example – This listing “Bed & breakfast Santa Bica”, wrote “Santa Bica” as title, which is great.



Tagline we are going to need your magic, you can say here something nice and funny that represents your business.

Santa Bica  as a “Bed & Breakfast” choose to use “Eat, drink & Sleep”.  Their selection offers a restaurant, a bar and also they are a hotel.

  • Dental clinic – tagline “The Best smile in town”
  • Restaurant –  tagline “Pancakes that make you go crazy”

Opening hours

Are you opened for business? We sure hope so

You can add extra slots if closing during lunch for example

Users can filter this to quickly see what is open just around the corner.

Community will also love you if you communicate bank holidays, will look great in the FAQ.


Business contact

For  Contact number please use the zip code (e.g. Portugal +351) and no spaces. This makes sure you are reachable via mobile and  Whats-app.


Price Range

For Price Range it is good to give an idea of the price feeling, although not a must. We recommend that the calculations are based on a average price per person for 1 drink + 1 Main course.


Price List (Full menu)

Price List will be available after publishing your listing.

Set the name of the price list and the fees for each listing. You can update at any time.


  • “Dentist”, you can write “Service list”
  • “Pizzeria” you can write “Carte”. 


Description is where you can write a short story about your business. Mortals like stories, the creation of times, the art of mythology, glory and fame.

Write your business story with passion, but don’t keep it to long, users need to understand the content in few lines.

Check this mythical listing to get inspiration: Santa Bica – Lisboa



Features , this gives a big boost to your business for SEO and user experience.

Here you can show info useful for terms of amenities such as “24 hours open”, “Disabled friendly”, “Free street parking”, this will be available to filter when in map search.

Don’t forget to always provide accurate information and keep it up-to-date.


Additional details

Additional details are similar to Features, but provide specific details per category such as a Hotel providing linen and free breakfast.

This can be the determinator for the choice, choose wisely and keep it  updated.



FAQ’s also known as Frequently Asked Questions brings so many questions. 

Provide details of your business that are not know upfront or can change from time to time.

Check some random listings and see how they do it.



Video is fun away of promoting your business. 

Did you have a fun day making pizzas? Why not make a video and share it?

You can use Youtube or Vimeo for these videos and just past the link in your listing, that is it.


Image guidelines

Have you ever thought for a while the following questions?

  • Why some listings appear in the search top with so good images?
  • Why my website loads slowly?
  • Why is when I make a search in internet my business photos never show up?
  • What’s the difference between JPEG, GIF and PNG? When should I use one over another?

Writing image names for SEO purposes

  • Whenever you take photos with different tools, such as cameras, mobile phones, tablets. These take the default filename as your device assigns, such as DSC7891.jpg”.
  • Imagine searching for the term “Cleaning”, and in this case, only text would be searched, but if your images would have the term, they would also appear in the search results.
  • Search engines crawl the webpages for both text and images filenames and also their “alt” and “captions”.

In this case if you want your business to be searchable as best as possible via images, you need to include terms such as category, keyword and the main subject of the photo.

E.g. Imagine you have a bakery called “Buns & Buds” and your bakery is located in Amsterdam

We suggest that you to use the following for SEO purposes:

  • Category – In this case would be “Bakery”
  • Keyword – Here it would be your location “Amsterdam”
  • Main subject – Your business what else 🙂 “Buns & Buds”
  • Number – You can write a number just to guide yourself and keep images with standard naming convention


As a result the name of your first business picture could be:


Google is just gonna love you!


Scale for image SEO

Pages and website takes time to load according to their size. So loading times are very important for SEO and also User experience. If a website is fast and easy to search, it is most sure that user will be happy with its experience and surf more, if the site is slow, the user will most likely give up and go for another solution.

So taking a photo with your camera or mobile phone, takes a lot of size, especially if you are shooting photos with big pixel size – for example at 3000 x 1900- These images will take a lot of storage space and your page will load slower than other pages.

Our tip here is to resize the image and what optimal size it should be displayed, you can resize here after taking the shoot by editing it online, there are a lot of free and simple to use tools on the internet.

As a suggestion you can use the following size for your business images

“1600 x 1200”

Image editing tools

There are many free online photo editors that you can use to edit your images, they are used by many businesses. You can use any one of these tools to edit your images for Shortwalk:


(Please note that Shortwalk is not in any way affiliated with these services.)


How many images to use

We would like to give extra tips when it comes to the number of images and which ones you should use.

The moment users click your listing page, images will be the first inline to be seen. A great tip is the number of images you should upload, this also due to the Loading times that are also affected.


Ideally you should take photos of your business front, the interior and if applicable of different sections. For example if you are a Construction & Repair, you can take photos of your equipment, office and result of last services provided. Again we have the example of “Santa Bica” .

  • 1 image of business logo
  • 1 image of storefront
  • 1 image of the bar & restaurant reception 
  • 2 images of the Bed & Breakfast Sleeping services
  • 4 images of the bar & restaurant area


As you can see here the business has many areas sine they provide a Bed & Breakfast Service with Bar and Restaurant, so they optimize it to use maximum of 11 images.

Please remember, the more images, the more your page takes to load, use an efficient number of images for your business.

(Please note that images of promotions and discounts will not be allowed, the gallery should be used to provide a neutral and clean look of the business facilities or others that may apply, we reserve the right of notifying and removing images at anytime if not complying with images guidelines.)


Ready to become a super business?

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