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Shortwalk is a friendly online platform that allows you to search for places, bookmark and share. Using filters, you can find what you need, have a bite in a new place, shop for some groceries, find best events to do during the weekend. Shortwalk can be your best travel friend also. Bookmark your favorites places for later.

3 success ingredients for

Your business.


Create listing

In just a few steps you have your business running in no time. It will be free forever (We also have premium plans).


Keep info Up-to-Date

It is very important to have your info up-to-date, a disappointed customer is a lost customer. Make sure you add as much info as you can.


Engage customers

An active business is a business that care. Reply to your customer reviews, make promotions, discounts, sell coupons.

Get some extra

Give a voice to your business


More exposure

By getting more rewards, Shortwalk will offer more exposure to your business via all Marketing channels, whether newsletter or articles and much more.


Free ads*

Businesses that perform very well will be offered free ads from time to time. From a top search business to a geo-located ad, you got it. Contact us for more info.



Get points by replying to reviews, completing your business page, selling vouchers and products. With better data, better packages, with more points more rewards.


Search filters.

The search filters and keywords search are the starting point in finding your business. So it is very important that you should the right categories and details of your business such as features or amenities, the more accurate information you provide, the easier to find your business.


Reviews are a very important part of customer satisfaction and lead generation. Positive and negative reviews will always exist, there is no way to avoid negative ones unless you create the best business you can. As a tip, always reply to your customers reviews in a personalized way. Want more tips?

Tips & Articles.

From time to time, we write some tips and articles about what is going on in your city. We share experiences, we share your experiences, we allow businesses to write articles about themselves but we also write articles for them. If you think you would like to write an article or us to write one for you.Contact us

Booking/Ticket system

If you are a Hotel, B&B, Restaurant, Shoe shop, Hair Salon, for sure you are getting reservations for your services. Here in Shortwalk we offer a Booking app for your business. We offer from customized solutions to potentially embed your existing solution (e.g., Eventbrite). We also partnered with solid apps in the market to get you the best service ever.


You will be part of a great community of businesses where we allow everyone to expose their business, but to bring a local community sense. Whether you are a small, medium or corporation we have a place for everyone. We support local businesses with special conditions and also non-profit organizations. Have a question? Need some help? We are here for you.


Coupons, Gift-cards, freebies oooohhh everybody loves a promotion or a discount coupon or even a cashback program. Creates coupons, make promotions, create special giveaways, or seasonal ones like Valentine’s, Summer vacations, special festivities. We offer several tools, from giveaways to social deals or more customized targeted promotions.

Social Media All-in-One

Put your social media all-in-one. How? By creating your listing, you can sign-up to add your social media channels, from Facebook, to Pinterest, to Video channels such as Youtube or Vimeo. All your engagement and social feeds in one place to get more audience and convert leads. 


Free plan or no free plan, everyone has the right for Ads. Expose your business even more or create a campaign by using Ads. These are available in many flavors and special conditions depending on your business. You can use Self-service Ads available 24/7 or you can use our Tailored made ads for a more targeted audience.


In Shortwalk we believe in fair trade for fair value. So we created an Ads system in order to help everyone. We also give value to loyalty and working closely in the long term, more like a community feeling. By registering and promoting your business with us or purchasing one of the paid packages. You will receive benefits with time. 

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Please note that in order to claim free ads and rewards you need to be a qualified verified Shortwalk business.