All tools to sell more

Maximize your business, sell vouchers, get more bookings, get more loyalty points, collect rewards.

Get Rewards

Sell more, gain more

Rewards 1

Paid Plans

Get Monthly loyalty points by subscribing to a Paid Plan. The higher the plan, higher the amounts of points to collect per month.

Rewards 2


Stack up your points by creating Ads, not only you will give more exposure to your business but also you will collect more loyalty points.

Rewards 3

Customer Engagement

By replying to Customer Reviews you will get additional loyalty Points*.
*Subject to Quality Review.

Rewards 4

Make Promotions

Offer vouchers

Whether you are selling products or services you can create special vouchers for occasional promotions up to the % you wish. Offer direct products or direct services allowing customers to book directly in our platform  increasing conversion rate or create Discount vouchers that customers can claim later. The more vouchers or products/services you sell, the more benefits and points you will get.

Sell more online

Your own store

Tables have turned, online business is everywhere. If you have a Brick&Mortar Store, an online store, or restaurant, grocery, you can sign-up and sell your products online with us. We have special conditions for Small and Medium businesses. The More quantity you sell, the more benefits and points you get in return.

Rewards 5

Sell Tickets or Table Reservations

Booking System

Plenty of solutions for your business. If you are a Hotel, you can use your own “” button, “” button. For Restaurants, Hair Salons, Gyms and others we also offer possibility of using our own integrated booking solution or integrating with the existing one.

Rewards 6

Reservation fee

Charge a small reservation fee and make sure you convert more bookings

Availability per hour

Instead of just booking per table or people, create reservations per hour, this can make sure you make the best return even when people just want to take a quick bite.

Special Reservations

Create special promotions for that special day, like Summer events, Valentine’s day, celebration of your establishment anniversary. Compose and sell a special menus or vouchers.

SMS Details*

By using our own platform users will get an SMS with the details of the booking and Directions details in order to make all go smooth with your business and your customer.

*Shortwalk App Only

Discos, Festivals, Markets

Event tickets

Sell your own tickets with us or integrate your existing system, we allow the chance of integrating with Eventbrite, Ticketmaster and others, or sell through our own customized system and get even more benefits in return.

Rewards 7
Rewards 8

Boost your Business


Give a bit more exposure to your business via our Ads or Campaigns, you can use our self-service ads or take benefits of the Tailored Made like targeted campaigns, special events or vouchers, we will support also in the design.

*Special conditions for small, medium businesses as well Non-Profit Organizations.

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