Categories & Subcategories list

When registering your business into different websites, it can be tricky to choose the best categories to describe your business. Check out the Shortwalk Category list here.

Why to choose the better category

The categories are the first step to help users and your customers to better find your business and quickly understand what it is about. In Shortwalk they can be in Categories and also in Sub-categories.

Finding and Updating your business category

If you are the business owner or business manager, we made sure it is simple to update your categories in your business account. We offer a maximum of 4 categories/sub-categories to be used, so make sure you best describe your business. Remember, more is not always better.

Best practice in updating your business category

When updating your business category you need to have in consideration that some businesses may have category and sub-category.

E.g. A Restaurant in Lisbon.

Business chose in this case first “Restaurant” and then the type of cuisine, e.g. “Mexican Restaurant”.

If you are a Food Shop, in this case you should choose “Food & Beverages” first and then e.g. “Specialty & Foods Shop”.

The Shortwalk category list

Click on the links to jump to an individual category and all its subcategories.

This category list was last updated on June 14, 2020.

Categories & Sub-categories