Freshly baked in: March 21, 2020

What to do during Social Distancing

Work from home, chill from home

The Social distancing is here, whether we want, wether we don’t, but even though we are confined to the few square meters of our home, there is a lot of we can do. We see already the creativity being brought out from many enthusiasts and the hope of everyone, we try to keep ourselves sane in this period.

7 Ways of having fun at home while keeping yourself busy.


If you finished all those series and movies from NETFLIX and you are bored with all your puzzles, maybe it is time to learn something new? Who knows if you have a change of heart and decide to go on a new path or a new career or even start your own business.

It’s is also worth a couple more mentions if you want to learn a language, such as DUOLINGO and BABBEL. Honorable mention also for MEDIABISTRO, offering social and digital media, journalism courses and a job posting website.

Keep calm & enjoy home 16 Things to do at home


Take a tour in a Virtual museum

Click here if you would like to have access to Virtual Museums all around the world.


It’s is also worth to mention IDEACITY.

Keep calm & enjoy home 16 Things to do at home


Keep calm & enjoy home 49 Things to do at home


LIVE performance Shows


Help the World, help the people

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