Guide for listing creation

This page is just a small guide of the account register and listing creation. Check also the guide in how to create the perfect listing

The Listing

Enumeration of a set of items in the form of a list. As per Wikipedia well explains.


In the business world, this is the most common term in order to refer to a business listed in a webpage where you want to promote and be found by potential customers in order to purchase your products and/or services.

Creating a listing is the first step in order for your business to be visible in Shortwalk.

Please follow the instructions below in order to create a listing.


We also provide and recommend our guide with best practices to create the perfect listing. This guide presents tips recommended to take your business to the next level.

Register account & create a listing


1. Register for an account

Community user – Use this one if you are just a shortwalker and want to use the site in a daily basis, we will be your best friend, we promise.

Business user – Use this account if you are the business owner or an employee allowed to manage the account in business’s behalf, we will also be your best friend, don’t worry.

You can start by opening an account here: Register.


2. Create listing

Now that you have created an account, you are ready to create your business page.

Go to Home Page – Once you have signed in, you will see in the Home page in the top right corner an option “+ Add listing“, click there and you will be redirected to the subscription plans.

Subscriptions plans are packages that offer a lot of features in order for your business to stand out. You can decide according to the one that most fits your needs.

Of course we also provide a free plan, and that is free always.


3. Adding data to the listing

In order to fill data to the listing we advise you to follow our guidelines.

Images and text are best friends – They say images are worth much more than words. But what about the perfect words added to the perfect images?

If you want love at first sight, we strongly suggest that you take our guidelines as your standard. Remember, first impressions are the ones that count the most.

We advise you to take a look into our best practices in order to create a listing that will out stand the others. Start with our guidelines, it is 100% free.

Feeling stuck? Contact us.


4. Submit Listing

To have a listing, don’t forget to choose your plan

Free plan – free plans are forever free. They include the basic requirements to make your business stand out at anytime.

You can change this plan at anytime, or you can go back from a premium plan to this if you are not totally satisfied.

Premium plans – Premium plans are paid plans. These come in subscriptions plans with recurring payments or one time go.


We also have personalized plans according to your measures, just reach out to us at: Subscription plans.

Sure we will tailor something fit for you.

You got stuck and need help?

Don’t worry, we are here to help. If at anytime you got stuck and cannot add the listing, just send us an email or contact us though social media, we will more than happy to assist during the creation process