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Jewelry Albufeira

Grupo Ouro Algarve is dedicated to the commercialization of precious metals, such as Gold, Platinum and Silver. It is in Our interest that you, as a customer, know us well and that we can have a pleasant business relationship. We have in our portfolio several commercial elements of great interest, which you can count on in the Algarve region.



To market precious metals, at the national and international levels, guiding its activities through a team of competent collaborators and strengthened by values ​​that ensure the development of its corporate purpose.



To be a leader in the formulation and execution of strategies for the commercialization of precious metals, based on ethical processes to satisfy the needs of the market, generating employment and quality of life in the different places where it operates.


What are the items purchased by OUROALGARVE?
The OUROALGARVE purchase jewelry, silverware, pledge caution, gold coins (ex .: English pounds, krugerrands, Mexican pesos, Swiss francs, gold leaf canadian’s, etc.) and all articles of gold used Portuguese and foreign, regardless of their content or its state of preservation.


How can I sell my articles?
The sale of goods to our company should happen in the security of our facilities, opting for one of our agencies, through the evaluation in their presence.


Where should I go to sell my articles?
If you choose to sell the assets you own in the security of our premises, with the certainty that you will be received in a confidential way, you should go to our company and to do so, opt for our agency closest to your place of work or residence: Albufeira or Portimão , and you may contact us by phone in the event you wish to schedule your evaluation.


Is it necessary to accompany me with valid personal identification?
Yes. OUROALGARVE is a responsible company that fulfills all legal obligations and if necessary, will cooperate with the Portuguese police authorities, in particular with the Judicial Police, in locating stolen goods. For these reasons and as stipulated by the competent legislation on criminal prevention, it is necessary that the legitimate owner of the articles be accompanied by valid personal identification (ID, Driving License, Passport or Residence Title) and Taxpayer Card, and proof of address


How do I evaluate my articles? And how much time do I have to spend?
The evaluation of used gold, jewelry, silver or coins usually takes place within a short time. In most cases, a few minutes are enough to collect the necessary information from your articles and present you with our evaluation.


Firstly, articles brought in, jewelry or used gold, are analyzed for the purpose of determining the content of precious metal contained therein, either by visual observation, by analysis of marks and contrast, or by the classical method of Touchstone (see photo on the side). We then proceed to a precision weighing, and then we perform the calculations with the aim of presenting the highest value in the market. Our calculations follow a number of criteria, such as: the daily price of gold on the London Stock Exchange, the type of articles, the state of its conservation, among others.

Our constantly updated professional experience and competence guarantee you the best evaluations in the market.


How and when do I get my money for the items I decide to sell?
If you decide to sell, payments are always made at that time. Under the law, transactions worth more than € 3,000, require payment by bank transfer.


Requirements to Sell
We only make purchases to those who fulfill all the following requirements:

– be the legitimate owner of the object (s) ;
– be 18 years of age or over ;
– bear the original of an identity document with photograph and within the validity period, for example: Citizen’s Card, ID, Passport, Driving License, Residence Authorization ;
– bear the original of the NIF (if it presents BI) ;
– bear a document proving the address or address, for example: water bill, electricity, gas, cable television, driver’s license ;
– sign a “Statement



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