TIMING Human Resources Albufeira

TIMING Human Resources Albufeira

Temporary Work and Human Resources management company


Timing is a Temporary Work and Human Resources management company which is based in the Ibirian market, presenting a set of services that aim, quick, productive and low-cost response towards our partners necessities and demands.
Our team has great experience in Human Resources management and has specialized staff within the different offered market categories.

Delegations in Portugal

  • Quarteira
  • Albufeira
  • Lisboa
  • Portimão

Delegations in Spain

  • Barcelona
  • Seville

We believe that people make a difference, and that is our main focus.
Timing is specialized on the implementation of flexible solutions within the Human Resources management, working within the following professional categories:

  • Temporary Work
  • Contract Management
  • Recruitment and Selection
  • Outsourcing
  • Training
  • Indoor Services

Our availability 24/7, the training that we insist on our human resources, the rigorous monitoring of all our services and the strict recruitment criteria, makes us, Timing, your ideal partner.


Social Responsability

Solidarity Lunches Christmas 2016! 
Christmas is the time of sharing par excellence and Timing also wanted to share some of your time with those who most need our support!

On 20 December, delegations from the Algarve provided a lunch for about 20 users of the Homeless Help Center (CASA). A lively lunch and a lively and lively start to the evening with Timing staff and guests of CASA. It was also promoted a collection of goods so that CASA can distribute at this time to those who need it most.

On December 22, the Lisbon delegation also hosted a luncheon for about 30 Pressley Ridge users, IPSS in Amadora. Children and adults had lunch with our collaborators having also a magic show, making this afternoon magic for everyone!

The little you can do is a lot for those who receive it! Timing is aware of its responsibility as a participant in society and with these initiatives, we are sure that we have given a special touch to Christmas both from our employees and from the users of the supported associations! Thank you to all who contributed to these initiatives!

TIMING is assumed to be a company with an active role in Social Responsibility.

When once again the country is experiencing the drama of the fire, the organization felt compelled to help those who every day are at the forefront of this battle. So, last August 10 they were delivered to the Fire Brigade Corps of Faro 1457 liters of water that will be distributed in places where they are most needed.

Timing believes that if all civil society mobilizes with small gestures like this, we are all fighting the fire along with the heroes who put their lives at risk every day.

Thank you Firefighters Portugal!


TIMING puts people first.

The satisfaction of our clients, the wellbeing of our staff and the co-operation of our suppliers are key elements that moves us towards excellence.

However, our commitment to people goes further.

We believe we are socially responsible towards the communities in which we are inserted, and we take actions that aim its sustainable development.

We intend to contribute only to the local economic growth but also, implement activities that show our commitment in the conception of a fair and humane developed society.

The environment concerns, also preocy our thoughts and our behavior. We, Timing, want to guarantee the healthy future for the coming generations and we commit ourselfs before this ideal.

We are all part of a society, and consider that the social responsibility is essential within our activity.

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