ING Siège

ING Siège

In Luxembourg from 1987


Our history


Crédit Européen was created in Luxembourg, under the impetus of a group of American bankers and Luxembourg notables. In less than half a century, his dynamism and innovative spirit had allowed him to be one of the largest banks in the Grand Duchy.


ING Bank (Luxembourg), for its part, moved to Luxembourg at the time under the name of NMB Bank.


Following the merger between Nationale Nederlanden and NMB Postbank Groep ING became the name of the group.


ING Luxembourg results from the merger of two banking institutions that are part of the ING Group in Luxembourg: Crédit Européen SA and ING Bank (Luxembourg) SA.

ING Luxembourg continues to develop its activities by focusing on three major pillars: the local network or “retail banking” (ING is a challenger in the Grand Duchy), the private bank or “private banking” and the bank of the company or “corporate banking”.


With a staff of 800, ING Luxembourg ranks 11th employer in the financial sector of the Grand Duchy. In Luxembourg, ING has 16 branches and two administrative offices that combine the bank’s financial, commercial and administrative management activities.


ING moved to a new, imposing building opposite the Luxembourg capital’s train station.



Culture and values

ING’s business influences a wide variety of people: customers, employees, shareholders, suppliers and society as a whole. Within these diverse groups, each individual can and must be able to expect us to act with integrity.

We will not tolerate, excuse, or turn a blind eye to behavior that is contrary to our values. Otherwise, we will lose the trust of the company and the thousands of very high-quality colleagues who do what is necessary to ensure that our business progresses day after day.



Our way of working

ING’s values are an integral part of the Orange Code, our manifesto describing how we work.

Promoting integrity first and foremost, the Orange Code is the sum of two parts:

ING Values – the non-negotiable promises we make to the company.
The principles we stand on, whatever happens.

  • We are honest.
  • We are cautious.
  • We are responsible. 

ING Behaviors – our way of being that sets us apart from other businesses. The commitments we make to each other and the standards with which we measure performance.

  • You meet the challenges and realize them.
  • You help others succeed.
  • You always have a leg up. 

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