Timequest Luxembourg Escape rooms

Timequest Luxembourg Escape rooms

The most intense intellectual, engaging, fun filled 60 minutes in town.


Live Escape game with puzzles, quizzes and brainteasers

Outperform Escape is a Live Escape Game featuring exciting quests, based in the center of Luxembourg 200 meters from Place Guillaume. In Outperform Escape´s games, each group is enclosed in a room and has 60 minutes to escape the room by solving puzzles, quizzes and brainteasers, using strategy, creativity and logic. Our quests are exciting adventures, which challenges each individual, but are set the way, that you will need your teammate to escape. Our rooms provide a perfect team building activity.

Each game is designed for parties of 2-8 people and takes place in a custom-built, specially designed room with a unique theme. The theory behind exit games is the flow experience which means the mental state you get into when doing an activity fully immersed with a feeling of energy focus and enjoyment.



Outperform Escape´s game is also a great experience for private parties. Enjoy a fun evening with your friends or family and explore how good you work together when trying to escape from one of the 3 rooms.



Escape games are an excellent opportunity to develop and challenge your team in a motivational and highly engaging way. The theory behind escape games is “the flow” or “the zone” experience from positive psychology.

Escaping a room requires all the elements of good teamwork, keen observation, problem-solving skills and proper communication in order to beat the clock. It is the perfect activity for corporate groups to come together, learn and to have fun.

How can Escape games improve the company culture? Shared experience, bonding, trials, successes is the glue between people, if you enhance this, the bond will grow stronger and people will remember the challenges they solved together.

How can you improve your leadership skills with Escape games? Being a leader or a part of the management group you have a great set of skills (IQ) but where most leaders fail is the lack of people skills (EQ) Do leaders always know how to solve motivational issues? Do they know their teams strengths? This will help get the team to work together with participating management to help learn and grow.


For companies:

Corporate teams can book a game through the mail system [email protected] – There are special timeslots avaliable for team building, extra missions in the game and possibility for performance feedback. A team building game last 75 min. with instruction.


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