Di Verso Chemise Eton

Di Verso Chemise Eton





Annie and David Peterson could scarcely have imagined that the modest shirt making business they started in Sweden back in 1928 would one day become the world-famous brand of Eton, renowned for its high-quality shirts.

“Never deliver a shirt until you are entirely satisfied with its quality.”

This has remained the guiding philosophy of Eton. It means that we select fabrics made from only the finest quality long fibre cotton in order to guarantee a uniquely soft and luxurious shirt. It also means that we pay meticulous attention to detail and apply the same high standards to our choice of colours, designs and styles.

Thanks to our uniquely perfected Eton manufacturing process, all our 100% cotton shirts benefit from a non-iron finish, ensuring your shirt remains in shape and wrinkle free all day long.

A combination of 3 generations of tailoring expertise, quality and the very latest technology together with a sharp awareness of the needs of today’s clients, has seen Eton reach a level of success which would have made Grandma Annie Peterson extremely proud.


All Eton shirts are made with 100% cotton and have our famous non-iron finish. Eton selects only the finest quality long fibre cotton which produces a wonderfully soft and luxurious fabric.

the word originates from the French “papeline”, so named because it was created in the papal city of Avignon. The warp and weft yarns criss-cross to produce a checkerboard effect. Woven from very long yarn, this hard-wearing fabric has a soft and silky lustre.

A distinctive poplin in which different colours are used for the warp and weft yarns, creating a subtle and sophisticated two-tone effect.

created by a 12th century Flemish weaver who emigrated to England and settled in Oxford. A slightly coarser weave is used. Double weft yarns are interlaced with a white warp yarn to produce a checkered pattern. A hard-wearing, yet soft and lightweight fabric.

Characterised by parallel diagonal ribs. Catches the light and gives a distinctive sheen. A very pliable fabric.

twill fabric which is reversed at half-centimetre intervals to produce a zig-zag effect.

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