Lëtzebuerg Luxembourg City History Museum

Lëtzebuerg Luxembourg City History Museum

City Museum


The missions of the History Museum of the City of Luxembourg:

  • Collect, preserve, document, display and permanently transmit the cultural heritage (tangible and intangible) of the City of Luxembourg from the 10thcentury to the present, placing it in a national, regional and European context.
  • Address socio-cultural issues from a historical perspective by putting in place educational and cultural exhibits and programs that address the current concerns of diverse audiences.
  • Contribute to develop the cultural identity of the capital and to strengthen its role as a pole of attraction in the region and thus act as an actor of the sustainable development of the city by proposing itself as a forum for an open debate on the urban heritage and topics of society.



The museum and its architecture

As one of the duties of a city is the protection and enhancement of its architectural heritage, the site was chosen to house the Lëtzebuerg City Museum is a restored ensemble of four old bourgeois houses in the Rue du Saint-Esprit dating from the 17th, 18th and 19th century and including vestiges dating back to the Middle Ages. An archaeological study not only helped to understand the chronology of the buildings but also enriched the architectural and museum design. Two examples of the successful adaptation of ancient architecture to the requirements of modernity are the “”floating”” canopy and the panoramic elevator that crosses the museum to its full height, opening up spectacular perspectives for the visitor.

The architecture of the museum strikes by its verticality, reflecting the configuration of the city characterized by the contrast between high city and low city. This verticality is transposed into the very structure of the museum which has 8 levels, 6 of which are open to the public.

With its 18 m2 elevator is a room in itself, oriented on the outskirts, and can accommodate up to 65 people. Thanks to the glazed interior walls and the reduced speed, the visitor can admire the apparent rock in the underground floors and enjoy the panorama of the Grund and the Rham plateau in the upper levels. By taking the elevator, all the urban stratification of the City of Luxembourg is offered to the visitor, making him go through 1000 years in a few minutes.



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