Everything for your business

Self-Service ads

Boost your business with our marketing solutions that will take you to the next level, from self-service to tailor made solutions. With Self-service ads you can always promote your business, when you want it, when you need it.

Search promotion

Your business will be featured on top of the search despite the search results. It means that whatever filter user applies, your business will always be sticky on the top.

Page & Articles promotion

You can promote your business by featuring in several locations of the website and choose also which position in page or article page you would like to set the ad. From homepage to articles page to promote on top, bottom, sidebars.

Listing page promotion

Some put the flag on the moon, but you can put your business in all business pages, so whenever a user checks a business page, your ad will be featured on top and visible to all earthlings.

Tailor made ads

Transform your business to a whole new marketing level.

Tailor made ads are customized to fit specific business needs. You want a nice Newsletter with all fancy things, you got it. Emails is not your thing anymore and you want a notification? Let’s push them. You need a specific time/Country or a specific audience? We will target it for you.

Search promotion

If you need something more personalized, in terms of SEO than the self-service ads, like optimizing your listing, images? We can provide you tailor made solutions, give us a shout, we will manage something.

Social Media

If you need more than the usual audience and ads, we got you covered, promote yourself in our social media channels, be included in our newsletters and much more, we provide many options and even tell you a story.


If you are preparing a campaign or an event or just feeling great and wanna share your success, we can make your campaigns a big success and reach a bigger audience, let’s make you the star of the party, you will be on fire.

Marketing services

We know you are a busy man, so If you have no time or just don’t want to get your hands dirty with Marketing for your business, we can help you. From setting up your site, logo, promoting your business, let us know, we not only want to help you being a part of the Shortwalk community, but we also want to help you grow your business.

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Your ad, when you want it, when you need it

These are just some examples of self-service ads, options can change over the future. Try now

Make your business move

Promote your business in a few easy steps.

Running  advertise campaign and need more info of what we can offer? Contact Us.  We are also available through live chat.

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