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Points Dashboard 2

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Points are distributed according to certains tasks that the Shortwalkers achieve, some examples:

  1. Writing reviews
  2. Posting pictures (Best of the Week photo)
  3. View promoted videos
  4. View Spots

As a Shortwalker you can do multiple things, we show some examples below:

  • Search for multiple businesses as Cafe, Restaurants, Museums, Shopping Malls, Services and much more
  • Save your favorite spots for later
  • Follow other Shortwalkers and get the latest spots they discover and review
  • Write Reviews and Post review photos
  • Book Services or Restaurants
  • Share the best pictures and videos of the spots you enjoy
  • Get points by viewing reviews and participating in the giveaways

With the points, you can later on trade for special coupons that will offer you restaurant or product discounts, a discount for a haircut. Or trade those points to participate in exclusive giveaways.

We believe in a engaging social community. It’s about bringing business and Shortwalkers in a fair, sustainable platform, so we try when possible for everyone to benefit of the platform and having fun doing it.

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Earned Badges

All of your earned badges are here, if you wanna know how to collect more, check our FAQ. Be like the cookie monster, but instead collect all badges.