Freshly baked in: May 3, 2020

Having dinner in a unique place for two

Good news everyone. If you think nothing can surprise you anymore. You are officially wrong! Just kidding…But we are sure that creativity and adaptation has no limits.

Maybe soon enough we will be able to restore at least a little bit of our normal life or to our new lives.

One of the restaurants in Amsterdam, redesigned their everyday look to create a COVID19 proof intimate dinner experience… what do we mean exactly by this? Mediamatic Biotoop created an event for its guests to enjoy a 4-course, plant-based, menu in the quarantine greenhouses.   Their new dining concept Serres Séparée received a warm welcome and most tables are booked. The idea is even more tempting knowing the location of the restaurant… and that your cozy greenhouse will be just centimetres from the waterside.

The COVID19 Proof dinner experience 1 Amsterdam, Eat & Drink

A greenhouse for two please |© Mediamatic

Have a glimse with a video. Click here.

So how exactly does it work and who is Mediamatic Biotoop?

Mediamatic Biotoop is known for its passion for food, art & unusual concepts.

Serres Séparée dining as all of their events, is a temporary attraction. That’s part of their magic…ephemeral but intense. Mediamatic does not make things twice… they just create something new. And it’s why you will never get bored with them.

Mediamatic exists as a Cultural institution dedicated to innovation from 1983. Besides serving you food they have a gallery, a project space, an art lab and an aquaponics farm. In the meantime, they organize seminars, workshops, and art initiatives with a focus on nature, biotechnology, and art+science in a strong international network.

Located in Oosterdok with the fantastic waterside view of Amsterdam and NEMO science museum Mediamatic built small cozy greenhouses, which you can enjoy for some time after booking available. Tickets are selling out quickly, we do hope you can still enjoy it.

For now, an offer is a two-person ticket. Best to take the person you currently live with, of course. If you are in need to take an additional person you will be charged an extra 40 € at the door, and if you wish to enjoy this precious time alone you will be discounted 40€ at the door.

More details about this place. Click here.

Short Video of Mediamatic to end in glory | © Mediamatic

Currently, the restaurant is testing the setup while waiting for government permission to reopen their space to the public. The idea is pretty ingenious and creates a sort of romantic climate for two, especially at night with dim lights and freshness of the air, although we can’t imagine being there during hot weather, but definitely can be unique experiences for cold weather.

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