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Create a self-guided tour. Share the details of what to do, where to eat, and iconic places.

Be a tourist in your own city or share your own short walk tours.

How to the experience and take the maximum of a what city has to offer? Where all trapped in our lives and daily routines and mostly we enjoy what we know or what our friends recommend. Some times we miss great places because you don’t go tour outside of that “routine” box. With Short walk tours you can enjoy short walks of the city and discover new and great places you never visited before.

4 Simple Steps to create a Tour


Take a Shortwalk

Grab your camera or your phone and go for a short walk that you enjoy or makes you happy. Or even go back to your storage and check photos of favorites places that you have been in the past, they always come in handy.


Your Video
your pictures
Your story

Take great pictures, create enthusiastic videos of places, give a voice and create a tour or short stories with some fun or historical facts.


Your tour
Your credits

Once you submit a tour, we will curate it and approve, then create a page with a tour or a short story with you as the tour author. Then it is up to others to like it, review, take it for a spin. Users can also share and save the tour for later.


Best tours
Get Prizes
Get points

We will always reward you for your effort, but for the best tours, we will offer fun rewards and shortwalk points that you later can trade for vouchers or gift-cards.

Experience the beauty of cities with Short Walk tours

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